Procurement Competence Development

Procurement Academy’s focus is training global corporate procurement departments: That is our market. All of our customers share common values. They have a burning ambition to organize procurement differently and to be best-in-class. They believe that investing in their talent will make a difference and they don’t want anything less than the highest quality training for their procurement staff.

From the design stage, we have the ambition to build courses and programs that will inspire learners and enable them to apply the acquired knowledge immediately in their job.
Our approach also enables customers, who often have globally dispersed operations teams, to train all of their staff quickly and effectively. If you have the ambition to inspire your staff and develop a best-in-class procurement department, contact us today. Your Academy is our passion.

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Your Academy

Procurement Academy will help you to create the highest quality and most inspiring training academy at the lowest total cost. We do this by innovation, a concept at the heart of our existence: innovation in E-learning, innovation in most actively used academies, innovation in blended learning with superior alignment between E-learning, webinars and workshops … leading to highly satisfied learners in over 100 countries.


Role-based Training

Our Academy philosophy centers on “Role-based Training”. This is competence development brought to the next level. We were the first with our Custom Procurement Academies (almost 100! and counting), in which we train your staff to what is required for their role, and in line with your business challenges and strategy.


High-Impact E-learning

We are learning experts with a passion for procurement and technology. Through our unique High-Impact E-learning courses, we can guarantee a learning effect similar to classroom training as well as an unsurpassed participation rate. That is exceptional for E-learning and is obviously creating opportunities to train your staff. Where appropriate, we blend your learning plans with webinars and instructor-led training, delivered globally and in 9 languages.


Assessment & Gap Analysis

An (online) assessment will measure an individuals proficiency levels for the most important procurement skills. This allows us to do a gap analysis for each buyer and to design his/her individual learning plan accordingly.



Upon successful completion of their comprehensive program, learners will receive a dual Client/Procurement Academy certificate, testifying that they have acquired the necessary skills to become a world-class procurement professional that can deliver results to their employer.


Program Support

Unlike other E-learning providers, Procurement Academy will actively support and follow-up learners.
This is a unique service that ensures that learners are trained according to the agreed schedule and that they get the most out their designated training & education path.


Find out today how Procurement Academy can jump-start your training programs and boost your procurement performance!

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