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Your Academy - Procurement Training SolutionsProcurement Academy will help you to create the highest quality and most inspiring Client Procurement Training Academy at the lowest total cost. We do this by innovation, a concept at the heart of our existence: innovation in e-learning, innovation in most actively used academies, innovation in blended learning with superior alignment between e-learning, webinars and workshops … leading to highly satisfied learners in over 100 countries.

For our customers this means achieving ambitious savings targets, improved relationships with suppliers, globally aligned procurement processes, motivated staff, faster turnaround of projects or higher internal customer satisfaction.

Our Procurement Training Academy is all about competence development for corporations i.e. we train your staff to what is required for their roles … using hands-on, world-class content and courses.  With a long history of procurement expertise, a culture of integrity, ambition and high energy, Procurement Academy employees and partners get the chance to make a difference, every day. The results-focused culture coupled with passionate procurement people deliver unique material in a superior learning design.

Competence Development

procurement training and competence development

Competence Development is all about

  • A segmented training approach: train only what is important for a role, in line with your business challenges, and where the gaps are
  • Practice-oriented training having immediate impact on job performance … we have been buyers, we are hands-on

We are a technology firm and through our unique High-Impact E-Learning courses, webinars and rigorous processes, we can guarantee a higher learning effect similar to classroom training as well as an unsurpassed participation rate, which is creating opportunities for our customers. And, where appropriate, we blend with instructor-led training from our valued partners.

Through an exclusive partner network of universities and leading procurement associations, coupled with the no-nonsense approach of top practitioners, we ensure the very best available content on the market. We don’t want to be referred to as an American, British, German, Canadian or Belgian company. Our clients are global, so we are global … by location and culture.

Our customers have operations globally and expect globally recognized best procurement practices, therefore our staff is a blend of different cultures. We noticed our customers have a burning ambition to organize procurement differently, to be best-in-class and to make a difference for their firm and their stakeholders. These are companies with global reach and thousands of employees whose operations are supported by teams of skilled procurement professionals. Companies like – GE, BASF, Baxter, Siemens, Belgian Post, SABMiller, ING Bank, Hanesbrands, International Paper, Lego, Deutsche Post, Merck, Heineken, Carlsberg, and Rockwool among others.

Contact us today to discover what these companies have already discovered – Procurement Academy’s High-Impact E-Learning platform is the first step toward competence-driven procurement teams.

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