ASSESS CAPABILITY (Learner Assessment & Gap Analysis)


Assess and take action!

The hardest part is to assess how competent your employees are and where they currently stand. From there, take the necessary actions to stay ahead of the procurement game.


You want to assess your team’s capability?

We have the solution for you and this is how we do it:

Gap Analysis

Buyer Assessment & Gap Analysis

Procurement Academy provides an in-depth buyer assessment and gap analysis in order to design individual learning plans for companies who do not wish to assign standard learning plans. This reflects exactly the skills and knowledge employees need to unlock their optimum potential.

For the individual assessment, Procurement Academy offers 3 options to assess the learning needs:
1. A pioneering, objective online quiz consisting of multiple-choice questions.
2. An online self-appraisal, in which  learners assess their own competencies.
3. A traditional assessment, through a consultant.

Online assessments are particularly effective in large organizations with a dispersed purchasing team in different locations. Their objective is to assess and train their people in a structured and consistent manner so that they can perform optimally in their jobs

Based on our findings and your requirements for each position (role) in the company, we develop a gap analysis for each staff member. This provides a clear image of which competences need procurement training, and how much.

Understanding the Gaps

The best reasons to undertake our skills gap analysis:

  • Discover

A critical overview of the workforce.

  • Determine

Understand the competencies your team need.

  • Customize

Personalize your procurement training plans based on the skills needed.

  • ROI

Ensure return on investment in training by acquiring only what is absolutely necessary.

  • Employee development

Stay on top of employee development and channel your resources effectively.

  • Skills demand

Adapt to future skills demands.

  • Management Reporting

Get a detailed overview of the competences of your buyers per region, per team, per level in the company.

Management Reporting

We can also provide you with detailed overviews of the competences of your buyers per region, per team, per level in the company,…
This skills gap analysis can really benefit an organization by providing a critical overview of the workforce, allowing managers to determine if their employees have the necessary skills to meet organizational objectives. Completing a skills gap analysis allows organizations to stay on top of employee development, channel their resources effectively and adapt to future skills demands.