Procurement teams are often perceived by stakeholders as a back-office function, myopically focused on savings and running  RFP processes. You often hear “Procurement gets in the way” or “Procurement is slowing us down”. These are indications that internal clients have adopted an “Us vs Them” stance. When this happens, procurement leaders have the opportunity to find ways […]

Can a Retail Buyer become a Procurement Buyer?

Two professions that share a title, but where there is very little industry talent exchange. Once a retail buyer,  an individual tends to stay on that path, growing through the function and taking on ever higher buying roles or category management roles….. and it’s the same in industry… graduates start out as buyers or procurement […]

Procurement – As a CPO, your people are your greatest asset..and your greatest headache!

In several recent surveys of CPO’s globally, the overwhelming message is that CPO’s are concerned about the availability of talent in the procurement sector. From skilled buyers to category managers, procurement analysts and business partners –  CFO’s/CEO’s and CPO’s recognize the value in having capable, strong and embedded procurement teams that are able to hunt […]

Pandemic Response – Can we use it as an opportunity to upskill?

Companies around the world are grappling with how to deal with a potential Coronavirus outbreak. Here’s what they’re doing, and how it could affect their workers – various organizations have already taken precautions like restricting travel to affected countries or big international conferences. Some employees have been asked to stay home because they visited a […]

How AI Technology Can Impact Your Business for the Better?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly growing as a vital tool for making business processes more accurate and efficient. Although, only 23% of respondents in a recent study have reported incorporating AI into their processes and service offerings. Slow adaptation of AI may hinder companies from remaining competitive, and has actually shown lower rates of production […]

Five Technologies for a more agile Procurement Process

Agility is vital to keep every business up and running. Procurement is one of the functions, which requires constant change. Today, procurement teams are expected to play a strategic and tech-enabled role. Before, procurement teams had two focuses: cost reduction and risk mitigation. The advent of automation and cloud services has led to more emphasis […]

5 ways to adapt to changing Consumer Behavior

There is no doubt that digitization is now reshaping consumer behavior and shopping habits. The question is; is your business keeping up with these changes? Indeed, it will not be possible to drive consumers’ perception and behavior without redefining traditional roles, switching up sales tactics and rethinking engagement strategies. Caught in a whirlwind of information, […]

How To Recruit Business Transforming Talent

Automation may be revolutionizing the global economy, but ultimately it’s people, and their ability to create, innovate, solve problems and deal with other people, that will make or break your business. Training employees and making them feel satisfied at work is critical, but you need to go beyond this by bringing in new employees who […]

Proven Methods for Achieving Employee Satisfaction

Recent research has revealed that 55.6% of workers in the UK are currently unhappy with their jobs. While this may not surprise most people, what is shocking is a 2017 Express report showing that “UK workers have one of the lowest levels of job satisfaction in the world.” Although it may be easy for employers to ignore […]