Certification For Procurement ExpertsOur client CPO’s all have high ambitions for their procurement department. They look for quality courses and challenging training programs, which will upskill their procurement staff to excel in their roles. This ultimately allows them to accelerate the implementation of their procurement strategy.

A full competence development learning plan typically spans a 2 to 3 year period of regular training. It requires a serious effort for which learners have to prioritize and put other activities aside. At the end of the in-depth program, successful learners receive a valuable certificate that formally recognizes their efforts and the progress they have made.

CPO’s often find a certificate no more than a nice bonus, but with the 2015 recognition by the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM), Procurement Academy now offers the best of both worlds: the high quality courses CPO’s are looking for and the external recognition learners want to achieve.


The IFPSM is the umbrella association of 45 national and regional purchasing associations worldwide, with over 250,000 purchasing professionals the largest and most global representation in the procurement and supply chain industry. Their main goal is to significantly increase procurement professionalism of all buyers across the world. For more info visit www.ifpsm.org.


About The Global Standard

In order to further professionalize the profession, and in an attempt to bridge the gap between education and the demand from employers, the IFPSM undertook a major research project called the “Global Standard”. This Global Standard establishes clear, objective criteria for the assessment and accreditation of educational programs of bachelor level. Programs meeting the Purchasing and Supply Global Standard have objectively demonstrated their ability to produce graduates who meet a rigorous world standard for procurement professionals.

In May 2015, after a year of hard working and an in-depth audit by an international team of renowned professors, commissioned by the Global Standard, Procurement Academy became the first commercial training provider in the world to receive this global recognition for its

  • Certified Procurement Professional (CPP) and
  • Certified Advanced Procurement Professional (CAPP) programs.

This puts us on the same level as a select number of universities and procurement associations that have been accredited to date. We are proud to bring university rigor to the world of corporate training.

For employers this means that they know that their staff will achieve a core level of underpinning knowledge, and that it has been effectively taught and assessed. They have the assurance that the program and content is of high quality and covers the key knowledge required of all purchasing and supply professionals. For Procurement Academy, certification is merely an outcome, not a means. Our goal is to train procurement professionals that and get them prepare them to contribute effectively, at a strategic level, to the success of their respective organizations. Not just students, but practitioners with a solid understanding of world-class procurement practices.

Learners know that the program will teach them what the procurement or supply chain industry knows they need, that they will be taught and assessed properly, and that their qualification will have status around the world. In short, participants in the Procurement Academy program are assured of an education that meets international standards.

For more info visit: www.ifpsm.org

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IFPSM?

The International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) is the union of 48 National and Regional Purchasing Associations worldwide. Within this circle, about 250,000 Purchasing Professionals can be reached.
IFPSM facilitates the development and distribution of knowledge to elevate and advance the procurement profession, thus favorably impacting the standard of living of citizens worldwide through improved business practices.The term procurement is taken to embrace purchasing, materials management, logistics, supply chain management and strategic sourcing.
IFPSM is a non-political, independent and non-profit oriented International Organization.
For more info visit www.ifpsm.info.

What is the Global Standard for Professional Competence in Purchasing and Supply?

The Global Standard provides a set of objective and challenging criteria against which educational programs can be benchmarked. To reply to the need to have a world-wide high-quality standard for the procurement and supply chain profession, the IFPSM has commissioned a board of top-class supply chain practitioners and academics from around the world to develop a global standard that reflects current and future needs of procurement professionals wherever they operate. This Global Standard sets an expectation of national performance in an international environment and has become key to building a common platform for the industry.

How is the Global Standard awarded?

A team of professors appointed by the Global Standard Board assess programs from around the world against the Standard’s clear and transparent criteria for content, delivery and assessment. It is the only independent audit in our industry.
Providers and programs passing the comprehensive audit will be recognized and accredited as holders of the Global Standard.
The accreditation means, that the audited training providers have:

  • Rigorous company Processes & Procedures to develop, manage and assess educational programs of bachelor level, similar to top education institutions;
  • World-class content for procurement staff;
  • Comprehensive procurement programs to upskill procurement professionals to the highest global procurement standards.

Who is holder of the Global Standard?

As it is the highest global accreditation, achieving the standard is not easy. To date, only a handful of universities and associations have achieved it. While everybody can use the name global standard in their marketing materials, there is only one “Global Standard” endorsed by IFPSM.
A list of organizations that are holder of the Global Standard can be found on www.ifpsm.info.

Are all providers holding the Global Standard, alike?

No. It only means they all deliver world-class content and programs coupled with first-class educational processes. You should see it as a minimum level.
The providers will however differ in terms of focus (e.g. more theoretical/corporate), quality of delivery, reputation, … etc.
Which provider will have a better fit for you is something you should check in detail.

What is the value of Procurement Academy’s certificate?

The CIPP and CIAPP reflect established standards and competencies for those engaged in an active procurement role. The designations are recognized credentials throughout the world and signify that the individual learner has achieved a specific level of world-class training (read not “education”) and experience and has demonstrated an established level of knowledge necessary to competently perform the work of a corporate buyer.

Is this certification more valuable than some of the other well-known certifications in the market?

No, it is not necessarily better. It is different. Procurement Academy does not graduate students. We graduate practitioners of which employers can be sure that they will get the work done.
The more student-oriented programs and certifications will teach you lots of good procurement knowledge. The Procurement Academy programs will teach you how to put the learning in practice. They are clearly complementary.

What are the admission criteria for learners to access the accredited programs?

Depending on program, there are different admission criteria but as a minimum our learners need to be part of a corporate procurement team. The application focused design coupled with real application of the learning in a real job is of utmost importance to deliver graduates that excel in their job. It is also the only way to preserve the integrity of the Procurement Academy certificate.

Are the certification programs available for individuals?

Yes, provided that you are an active procurement professional, you can apply for the CIPP and CIAPP programs on an individual basis. For more details, please visit the webpage below:

What is the benefit of the certification for learners?

A traditional certificate is often only about passing an exam. It does not automatically make you a procurement expert. It actually means that you passed a test and that you understand the important ins and outs of the procurement process. It merely indicates that you have the education, not necessarily the skills to use them in practice. That is what the CI(A)PP certification does.

What is the added value of the certification for corporations?

Our courses and services are designed specifically for companies. With the global accreditation we can ensure the quality that companies are looking for and the certification that your learners are expecting. A perfect marriage.

Are Procurement Academy courses valid for ISM, … re-certification?

Yes, as we are accredited by the IFPSM our courses are valid for continued education hours for virtual all associations out there. Simply ask us for a certificate at the end of your program, which you can use for ISM CPSM re-certification, CPSD re-certification, C.P.M. re-certification, and/or A.P.P. re-accreditation program requirements.
Note: ISM does not endorse, certify or sponsor this program or its content.

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