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Your Academy Training and Blended learning
At Procurement Academy we understand that no company or institution is identical. We have the proven experience and flexibility to provide each organization with uniquely crafted programs to meet its specific objectives and challenges. Whilst the unique and well liked High-Impact E-learning courses remain the backbone of our training, we can offer a series of other training delivery methods that, where appropriate, will further enhance the learning effect.

These training delivery methods include:

  • Simulations – short interactive and scenario-based exercises that put learners in a recognizable situation.
  • Micro-learning – bite-size (2-3 min.) videos to further embed the learning and combat the forgetting curve.
  • Webinars – fun and highly animated, these virtual application labs focus on how to apply learning from previous online courses. If done well, an extremely powerful combination.
  • Workshops – instructor-led on-site workshops with world-class trainers, having delivered between 100 and 500 workshops! Quality remains important, even in classroom.

High-Impact E-learning

Scenario-based procurement courses using real world situations

At Procurement Academy, we have invested time and effort to develop the very best E-learning courses in the market for procurement training. The advanced visual and instructional design is based on the cognitive load principles, the most researched theory for learning and the brain. Making learning significantly more effective … science does matter.

The innovative design of the courses is guaranteed to provide an active learning experience, where learners can interactively work at their own pace. The scenario based E-learning puts them in recognizable day-to-day situations and encourages them to actively apply their knowledge and practice skills. Sounds simple? It is absolutely not.
The development time of such “High-Impact” E-learning courses is 5 to 10 times longer than more traditional forms of E-learning. View Demo

Our procurement courses are fun to follow and continuously receive excellent learner ratings. These are often higher than that of traditional classroom training. But perhaps more important: the courses have a similar learning effect as classroom seminars, which is clearly backed up by research. (Ask for our white paper for more info).

At present, there are more than 100 E-learning courses available, covering 9 distinct procurement competences.  Additional courses are being developed continuously to keep up with the rapidly changing requirements of the procurement function. Evolutionary change, revolutionary solutions!

Procurement courses can be taken individually or in bundles, also referred to as Master Classes. These Master Classes are the most popular solution as they cover a large part of a competence or a specific domain of expertise. For example, “Managing a world-class RFP process” starts off with a course on developing specifications, followed by a course on “running an RFP”, “assessment of offers & negotiation”, “contracting” and finally a course on “ethics”. It is closed off with an online assessment.

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Procurement Course Formats from Procurement Academy


Highly effective and cost-efficient

Procurement Academy offers a comprehensive series of virtual classes or webinars.
These online sessions are designed to both reinforce and build upon the content of our High-Impact E-learning courses.
The majority of these webinars, or ‘Virtual Application Labs’, are focused on implementing course content into practice, with great emphasis on stakeholder communication. The labs are built around real-life implementation problems, which buyers will associate with.
Other webinars, the ‘Virtual Classes’, on the other hand focus on further knowledge development and a critical analysis of theoretical concepts.


Bridging the gap between theory and practice

Procurement Academy’s workshops bring the content from the E-learning and webinars together in a live environment, further narrowing the space between theory and your own practice.
The workshops are delivered on-site, and students are encouraged to actively participate in group exercises and problem-solving sessions. All participating students receive a full set of seminar guidance notes that may contain tools, checklists, templates, reference articles and other training aids.
The workshops are led by highly experienced instructors, having delivered between 100 and 500 workshops across the globe. The workshops are designed to align the learning objectives with your organization’s strategic priorities.