Are you looking for procurement training that can help you master today’s evolving procurement processes?  You’ve come to the right place.

Best-in-class competence model

  • The competence development methodology we used:

Role-based training

  • Structured and segmented approach to training:

Train employees according to what is required for their role

Procurement Academy has developed a best-in-class competence model that can easily and quickly be adapted to meet individual customer’s expectations. Typically, a role-based learning plan will span over 2 to 3 years of regular training.

At the end of the procurement training program, successful learners receive a valuable certificate that formally recognizes their efforts and the progress they have made.


How we design your competence model

  • Together with the customer, our operations team will review and adjust the procurement roles, competencies and required proficiency levels.
  • We make sure that they are perfectly aligned with your needs and expectations.
  • We don’t believe in lengthy and expensive consulting. In just a matter of days, we set up a tailored competence model for your team.


Competence Matrix

How we develop your learning plans

  • Once the competence model has been agreed, Procurement Academy will propose a set of learning plans, one for each procurement role.

Plans can further be adjusted if needed – courses can be added or removed, and in-company or third party materials can be added to the program.

learning plan