Benefits of adopting E-learning in the Retail Industry

As one of the largest industries in the world, the retail industry faces considerable challenges to anticipate ever-evolving customer demands.  In fact, this USD 600 billion industry is set to nearly double to USD 1 trillion by 2020 and lists Employee Training as one of the top 7 viable areas of investments. Presently retail companies […]

Applying Spaced Learning for a more effective corporate training

As an innovative method of learning, spaced learning has been creating a buzz since the last few years. The technique includes a sequence of short, intense training sessions with increased learner involvement, separated by short pauses during which students do a totally different activity. A number of people are involved in the creation of this […]

Boosting your Employees’ Performance through online training simulations

Giving employees the opportunity to develop their professional skills and stay up-to-date with industry changes has many benefits for both employees and the organization. However questions which arise are: Are you providing an effective online training program? Is your training and development program engaging enough to encourage learners to complete their courses? Are your employees […]

Ensuring world-class efficiency through scenario-based e-learning

Employees can sometimes possess all the necessary skills and qualifications for their specific work requirements but this combination has less value if they lack one of most crucial element which is experience. Efficiency and expertise are greatly valued in any working environment and such qualities normally grow out of experience. Psychologists highlight that people require […]