How AI Technology Can Impact Your Business for the Better?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly growing as a vital tool for making business processes more accurate and efficient. Although, only 23% of respondents in a recent study have reported incorporating AI into their processes and service offerings. Slow adaptation of AI may hinder companies from remaining competitive, and has actually shown lower rates of production […]

What are the current transportation challenges in supply chain?

  Transportation accounts for a huge amount of expenses in the supply chain logistic overall cost and thus stands for the largest element in it. The backbone of any sustainable supply chain relies on a performing and reliable transportation network. Transportation has been a major component enabling trade for centuries. Its processes are a significant […]

How will digital technology innovation transform Procurement?

The traditional procurement operating model is undergoing a lot of changes lately. There is a need to shift from the current scheme, and implement innovation to create work efficiency as well as an effective cost system. A lot of companies are currently investing into technology driven solutions so as to minimize corporate risks, reduce costs […]

Ensuring world-class efficiency through scenario-based e-learning

Employees can sometimes possess all the necessary skills and qualifications for their specific work requirements but this combination has less value if they lack one of most crucial element which is experience. Efficiency and expertise are greatly valued in any working environment and such qualities normally grow out of experience. Psychologists highlight that people require […]